EEB 533 Topics in Ecology: Theoretical Ecology, Princeton University

Graduate course, Princeton University, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 2019

Co-organizer and advisory

Co-organizing and mentoring a new class for both graduate students and (senior) undergraduates. We cover the topics of: Diffusion-reaction equations, for spatial pattern formation; Integrodifference Equations, for dispersal, population spreading, and diffusion; Power-laws for metabolic theory; Stochasticity types for meta-population patterns and processes; Relative non-linearities in fluctuating environments; Neutral theory and niche overlap; NPZ models; Nondimensionalization; Compartment models and Delayed Differential Equations for demographics; and Evolution and Game Theory. In parallel, the students develop a final project introduced by different invited researchers. I was responsible for one of the projects, namely, for introducing the subject in class and for the supervision of the work developed by 6 students with diverse interests in a current issue in theoretical ecology for publication. The students are currently working on coupling internal politics dynamics to the climate negotiation discussion from i) an analytically tractable modeling perspective, ii) extended simulation work incorporating data on individual countries, and iii) a policy development perspective conceptually addressing issues not incorporated in these types of models.